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Toilet Ins & Outs

The humble toilet. A toilet, as we all know, is essential to any bathroom space but a toilet is a toilet, right?! Wrong! Read on and we’ll explain the different types.

Sifting through endless catalogues and Pinterest boards to kick-start your inspiration can be gruelling, especially when there are SO many options. This is exactly why we've condensed down a few of your 'need-to-knows' to get you started.

One very important question to ask yourself is, do you plan on keeping the toilet in the same place, or are you creating a new layout? If you do fancy a re-jig, just bear in mind the potential additional costs for extra plumbing work.

Close Coupled Toilets

We’ve all used one. For those of you that are probably wondering what it actually is, well, it’s very simple - a close coupled toilet has a ceramic cistern attached (or coupled!) directly to the pan. Ground-breaking, right? It's the most popular style and is often used in smaller bathrooms like a downstairs cloakroom due to its compact size. They are practical and flexible and are available ‘open backed’ to accommodate pipework or ‘closed back’ or ‘encapsulated’ so that pipework can be neatly hidden. These toilets are often more cost-effective when compared to the other types available so make for a more affordable bathroom solution for those on a budget. With so many different styles available, browse all of our close coupled toilets and see what works for you. Below are a few of our favourites…

Close Coupled Toilet

Wall Hung Toilets

These WC’s are combined with a sturdy wall frame with a built-in cistern that fits behind the wall to support the weight of the toilet and user – these remarkable WC frames are engineered to carry a weight in excess of 400kg! Don’t worry, the cistern is accessible via a flush plate which offers maintenance access from the top or front – even if the room is tiled! Choosing a wall-mounted toilet is ideal for those looking to achieve a sleek and modern aesthetic by hiding those pesky pipes. Besides its nifty looking exterior, wall hung toilets make for incredibly efficient cleaning too - music to everyone's ears!

Wall Hung Toilet

Back To Wall Toilets

Achieving a classic look to your bathroom WC can effortlessly be done with the choice of a back to wall toilet. A hybrid between a close coupled and a wall-mounted pan, if you like. A back to wall toilet pan has a concealed cistern, behind the wall or fitted bathroom furniture.

Offering a more traditional or less contemporary look when compared to a wall-mounted pan, back to wall toilets keep the pipework and cistern out of sight, leaving your space tidy and stylish.

Check out some examples…

Back to Wall Toilet

High & Low-Level Toilets

The ultimate in vintage styling, with the cistern positioned further up the wall, these high-level and low-level toilets allow for the ‘old-fashioned’ pull chain flush to shine through and take centre stage. The cistern is often held to the wall by ornate brackets and pattresses and then connected to the pan via a long shiny flush pipe – often available in your choice of nickel, chrome or brass gold plating. These high and low level toilets offer a world of classy and nostalgic styling opportunities for those looking for the quintessential traditional bathroom.

High and Low Level Cisterns
Still not convinced? Click here to browse our online range of WCs.

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