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Soaking in Style

So much more than just a place to clean yourself, baths are somewhere for us to relax; where you can unwind with a glass of red and lose yourself in the grips of a good novel; or dim the lights, light a few candles and enjoy a sumptuous soak in the company of your favourite chill-out playlist. Whereas most features of a bathroom are there out of necessity, bathtubs are a focal point that we spend our days looking forward to using.

When planning your new bathroom, it can be easy to get a bit overwhelmed by the myriad of different options available – and what the pros and cons of each are – so we’ve devised this handy guide to explain the choices!

Straight Baths

Straight baths are some of the most commonly seen baths in homes across the UK. These modest options are a versatile choice, able to integrate themselves into traditional and contemporary décors alike with their timeless aesthetic, while also providing a simple, yet effective, bathing solution. Encased by tiles or panels, you have an abundance of options of how you wish to incorporate your straight bath into your bathroom. There are two different types of straight baths for you to consider: single ended or double ended.

Single Ended

Single ended baths are the perfect choice if you want to incorporate a shower into your new setup, with the taps, overflow and waste at one end of the bath, and a slope at the other for the perfect place to enjoy a long, luxurious soak.

White Bath
Victoria + Albert - Kaldera
Double Ended

A double ended bath is the ideal space for a long, relaxing bathing experience. Typically slightly more spacious than their single ended siblings, the taps and waste are positioned in the middle of the bath to allow for both ends to be sloped for maximum comfort, and the possibility for two people to share.

Pink Bath
Bette - BetteSelect Duo


If you’re after the ultimate luxury vibe in your new bathroom, a freestanding bath is probably a good place to start. These magnificent centrepieces radiate a certain opulence that is hard to achieve with the more common straight baths, and they’re available in a wide range of sizes and styles to suit the décor of your bathroom. As well as being splendid to look at, freestanding baths are also very versatile when it comes to sizing, allowing them to act as the centre of attention in your bathroom or be tucked away under a sloped ceiling or in a snug corner.


The first thought that comes to mind when imagining a freestanding bath is likely a decadent copper tub, like the cosy Copper Bulle pictured below, from Hurlingham. Baths like this, which draw inspiration from the Victorian era of bathroom design and manufacturing processes, are a sublime focal point for any vintage bathroom scheme. This style is part of the broader roll top family of baths, which can be easily identified by their elegant curves and soft rims.

Freestanding Copper Bath
Hurlingham - Copper Bulle
White Traditional Bathroom
Imperial Bathrooms - Sheraton

Of course, not all freestanding baths have to conform to the assumptions of a traditional décor – there is a myriad of elegant contemporary designs out there to compliment any modern space. The delicate refinement of the Kurv bath from BC Designs (pictured below) exudes minimalist chic, lending itself impeccably to a light and airy bathroom atmosphere.

White Modern Bathroom
BC Designs - Kurv

Corner & Back to Wall

For a slightly more space-efficient alternative to a freestanding bath, a back to wall or a corner bath is likely an ideal choice. These gorgeous tubs retain the lavish nature of a freestanding option, however they fit either directly against a wall or tucked into a corner to ensure every millimetre of space in your bathroom is being used effectively. Corner and back to wall baths are often manufactured with a seamless bath panel to create a single-piece look similar to freestanding baths, making them a luxurious substitute to a straight bath.

White Modern Bathroom
Victoria + Albert - Eldon
White Modern Bathroom
Duravit - Paiova

Shaped Shower Bath

Another option to consider for a more comfortable and spacious experience is a shaped shower bath. As the name suggests, these baths are shaped in a way that makes them ideal for incorporating a shower into your setup, with a curved ‘P’ or an angular ‘L’ shaped design allowing for more space – or ‘elbow room’ – at the shower end. These baths are the ideal way to introduce as much bathing and showering space as possible into more compact areas, and can accentuate traditional and contemporary décors alike.

Modern White Shower Bath
BC Designs - Solid Blue - P-Shaped Shower Bath
Modern White Shower Bath
Carron - Quantum - L-Shaped Shower Bath

Hopefully, you’ve found this guide helpful as you plan your dream bathroom! Please do get in touch if you’d like to know more about the baths we have here at Imperial Bathrooms, or feel free to browse our range of baths that you can add to your Wishlist today.

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